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Live Seminar Video

Here’s your opportunity to preview The Great Brand Rush seminar on niche markets and branding. In this video, you’ll see a forty-minute version tailored to a group of media and communications professionals. Paul Johnson will adjust the content based on the needs of the group to deliver a succinct and compelling keynote or a hands-on multi-hour workshop.

If you enjoy firehose-sized broadband service, you’ll most enjoy the hi-resolution big-screen versions down near the bottom of the page. Otherwise, choose the smaller-screen video versions directly below.

Better yet, bring in Paul to present it live. That way, you’ll be sure to catch every detail from this niche market and branding seminar.

Low-Resolution Video:

Hi-Resolution video of The Great Brand Rush seminar; 41 mins.:

Hi-Resolution video of Questions and Answers session following the seminar; 9 mins.:

This niche marketing video reveals how The Great Brand Rush presentation provides plenty of business content wrapped around lessons learned from the legends from our past. The 4 Key Brand Rush Principles your attendees come away with enable them to take advantage of niche marketing opportunities. Some of them will become the business legends of tomorrow.

Enjoy the video? Let Paul Johnson, niche marketing speaker, deliver The Great Brand Rush seminar and create the meeting your audience will be talking about for years to come.

Contact us to let us know your meeting dates and check booking availability.