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Paul Johnson

… is always looking for neglected niche markets because he knows:

“Great brands grow from neglected markets.”

Niche expert Paul Johnson presenting The Great Brand Rush

Niche expert Paul Johnson presenting The Great Brand Rush

Paul Johnson began began finding and serving neglected niches in high school when he started his own lawn cutting business. That early experience led to many business growth successes.

As National Sales Manager for the world’s largest paint company, he turned a division around by correcting market alignment, improving from a 39% loss to a 15% profit in less than 12 months.

As Product/Market Manager for a large automotive computer systems supplier, Paul Johnson developed and launched a parts catalog product introduction to serve an untapped niche, resulting in a 21% boost in year-over-year gross sales.

As a Niche Branding Consultant, Paul works with companies eager to find new sources of growth.

As a Niche Market Growth Strategist, he enables companies to convert niche markets into new brands.

As a Niche Business Author, Paul shows leaders how to tackle the challenges of sales, marketing, leadership and production that threaten the growth of their niche businesses. Paul offers a free monthly ezine, Twitter updates, and RSS feeds at

As a Keynote Speaker, he shares his Trouble Breaker® Methodology that gives teams the courage, motivation, and insight to overcome obstacles and create breakthrough growth opportunities.

Paul’s clients include Oracle (Siebel Systems), ADP, AkzoNobel, IntelliNet, Air2Web, Elekta, and AutoNation.

  • “Your assistance allowed us to triple our revenues in only one year!”
  • “We now have an overabundance of leads.”
  • “Our acceptance has skyrocketed, and we’ve established a market leadership beachhead in the wild world of wireless.”
  • “In our 12-year history, we’ve never been in such demand, or as profitable.”

Paul Johnson was a founding director of the Technology Association of Georgia, and co-founder of the Technology Marketing Association. He is an accomplished writer, author of 2 books. In addition, Paul’s advice has appeared in numerous publications including the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Selling Power Magazine and Sales and Marketing Management. He is past president of the National Speakers Association Georgia State Chapter.

Trouble Breaker is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.