The Murky Market for the Mentally Ill

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The fact is that there are huge niche markets comprised of people with personality disorders. In the U.S.:

Sadly, there are plenty of companies to prey on their “needs.”

For example, do a search for spy software and you’ll find companies that cater to the sociopaths and the paranoid. If someone has a “feeling” their spouse is cheating, they can secretly install software that monitors their spouse’s email and tracks their computer usage. Better yet, if the “wronged” spouse can get to their partner’s cell phone, they can load an application on it that lets them secretly hear every call the suspected cheater gets or makes.

While the term sociopath may not be a medical term, it’s commonly accepted as a label for those who lack a sense of moral responsibility and social conscience. They repeatedly lie, cheat and manipulate others to control them and get what they want regardless of the damage done. Buying spy software does not require them to suspend feelings of guilt or wrongdoing; there was none to begin with.

According the Webster’s Dictionary, the word Exploit has 2 meanings. The first is benevolent: to use fully or advantageously. The second is harmful: to use selfishly or unethically. The folks who prey on niche markets made up of the ill and the weak apply the second definition of Exploit in the most negative and hurtful way.

When you choose a niche market, make sure all your plans to use opportunities fully and advantageously are not marred by selfishness and unethical behavior.

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